Meet Sorli

Quality, freshness and environment define a way of understanding a business for which it's been 40 years, but its essence remains unchanged. A family business proud of it, from the Spanish Mediterranean we produce and select the best varieties of each fruit, always at its optimum ripeness.

A final product that meets the highest standards of quality through strict control from the selection of product origin to its fast packaging and transport to its final destination. An immediacy in this process makes the difference in the industry, as our products are collected, handled and shipped in the shortest time possible and without using any cooling system.

A different way of understanding a business that allows us to be always updated, always fresh.

Our History



First facilities.
Grapes, artichokes, pears, beans.



New facilities and fleet.
International Expansion.



New generation of the family.
Leader in the Market of Lyon.
New Products organic and PGI.



Our commitment with quality and environment continues.

Our Brands

Our citrus production begins in October and ends in May, in the case of mandarins, and in late July if we talk about orange and lemon. Also the watermelon is sold from May to August.

Fruits Sorli puts on the market its products under 3 different brands:


First brand from Fruits Sorli.


Brand representing the category II.


Brand representing the finest citrus category.

Sorli Compromiso con el Medioambiente Commitment to the Environment

Sorli has made a major commitment to find the natural and organic products cultivated under integrated production system, which gives priority to traditional culture techniques and the balance of available resources.

We also have the distinction of Protected geographical indication, which ensures quality production respectfully with the earth.

Global G.A.P.
C.V. Producción Integrada




The Queen of the citrus

Rich in vitamin C, folic acid and minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium, orange is definitely the most famous Mediterranean citrus for its flavor and antioxidant properties. A natural source of fiber that helps to maintain a healthy balance.

  • Calories: 36,6
  • Carbohydrates (g): 8,9
  • Fiber (g): 2,3
  • Potassium (mg): 200
  • Magnesium (mg): 15,2
  • Calcium (mg): 41
  • Pro Vitamin C (mg): 38,7
  • Folic Acid (mcg): 50,6
  • Beta-carotene: 49
  • (Provitamin A) (mcg)
Per 100 grams of edible portion.


The natural dressing

An indispensable spice of Mediterranean cuisine, lemon stands out for its high content of vitamin C, citric acid and substances with astringent action. A major natural source of potassium, beneficial to the nervous and muscular system.

  • Calories: 6
  • Carbohydrates (g): 0.6
  • Potassium (mg): 96
  • Magnesium (mg): 8
  • Calcium (mg): 41
  • Pro Vitamin C (mg): 34
  • Folic Acid (mcg): 6
  • Beta-carotene: 49
Per 100 grams of edible portion.


Smaller, sweeter

The clementine has Chinese origin, is perfectly adapted to the climate of the Spanish Mediterranean. A small fruit that stands out for having sweeter flavor than orange, but with which it shares its healthy qualities and high content in fiber.

  • Calories: 37
  • Carbohydrates (g): 9
  • Fiber (g): 1,9
  • Potassium (mg): 185
  • Magnesium (mg): 11
  • Calcium (mg): 36
  • Provitamin A (mg): 106
  • Folic Acid (mcg): 21
  • Provitamina C (mg): 35
Per 100 grams of edible portion.


Citric surprises

Crossing several varieties of citrus its flavor is a curious mix of sweet, bitter and sour. An amazing fruit that also hides inside a large amount of vitamin C and folic acid, very important in the case of pregnant women.

  • Calories: 27,6
  • Carbohydrates (g): 6
  • Fiber (g): 0,8
  • Potassium (mg): 190
  • Magnesium (mg): 10
  • Provitamin A (mg): 1,8
  • Provitamin C (mg): 40
  • Folic Acid (mcg): 18
Per 100 grams of edible portion.


Coolest Summer Fruit

Its high water content and refreshing taste, making it the best way for staying hydrated in hot weather. With a very low percentage of carbohydrates, watermelon is a low calorie food that helps eliminating toxins.

  • Calories: 32
  • Carbohydrates (g: 7,18
  • Fiber (g): 0,5
  • Potassium (mg): 116
  • Magnesium (mg): 11
  • Provitamin C (mg): 9
  • Folic Acid (mg): 2
Per 100 grams of edible portion.


Made in Mediterranean

Good land, good weather and hard work; we don’t need anything else to offer you fruits you hadn’t tried in a while. In Fruits Sorli we have 25 hectares of fields in Alcalà de Xivert (Castellón) in Spanish Mediterranean, where probably the best citrus in the world are made.

An origin recognition as "Protected Geographical Indication", a guarantee of health and freshness to the consumer.

Sorli: Freeesh Fruit!


The source selection is vital to ensure final product quality. So we only choose the finest fruits of our fields, always at their optimum ripeness.


We are obsessed that consumers can enjoy our fruit in the shortest time possible; because it matters. Since the fruit is collected, we set off to try to bring to the consumer within 24 hours.

Nuestro origen


FRUTAS SORLI SLU - Alcalà de Xivert - Castelló - 12570

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